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Game Fire 5 - User's feature Wishlist

Postby Jushi85 » Nov 02, 2016 8:17 pm

Hi, now i'm using the Pro version! 8-)

I wanted to start a new thread where to add different user's new feature suggestions for Game Fire 5 software.

* This is a long shot maybe but gonna put it here anyhow: Overlay for games. to monitor gpu/cpu/ram/internet/FPS/frame time/etc.. usage efficiently, while in-game and of course a visual indicator which shows status that Game Fire Game Mode is turned ON.

* game specific settings, so every game could have own favorite tweak settings.

* Audio enhancer! bare me on this one; so that user could also "tweak & optimize" sound experience besides everything else. this has never been done in any other pc tweaking or optimizing software ever. how cool would that be 8-)

it could have (atleast) these features:

* Equalizer
* bass booster
* maybe some "virtual surround sound" enhancer & tuner
* audio clarity booster

* And if you make an overlay, why not make it also capture video! wow a game enhancer and video recorder on same software! i dare Smart PC Utilities could fairly easily make a gameplay video recorder built in game fire.much better then that other razer gamecaster/cortex software which i hate because it never has worked on my pc at all.only made my pc perform worse.

Thanks for reading devs, and thank you very much for the current GF5 its been huge pleasure using it.

If you need info on the game video capture idea or anything just ask away! :)

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Re: Game Fire 5 - User's feature Wishlist

Postby admin » Nov 08, 2016 5:00 am

Great suggestions, In the fact most of those suggestions will be implemented in the next major version of Game Fire like the game overlay and game specific profiles

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